Removal Checklist

When moving home, office or interstate it’s quite natural to forget some of your valued possessions or personal belongings at the old place. When you hire us for moving and packing, we make sure that everything is delivered at your new place. We have known as best house removals Melbourne and house movers Perth. Our useful advice will prove beneficial for you.

Check all the Rooms completely

While preparing for the home move the first thing you need to do is check all the rooms one by one. This will ensure that you have gathered everything and each room is empty implying no loss of stuff. For example, if you start the packing process for the living room then remove everything from it first and then move on to the second room, same is true in case of office. If your office furniture was given by the landlord then you need to collect only the office items. Make sure that you also remove the curtains, supporting rods, tube lights that you may need in your new home. Before the furniture removals remember to remove the nails or hook that helps in fixing up the wall hangings to the wall. Therefore to ensure a smooth transition it is mandatory to make a comprehensive checklist as the removals checklist keeps you updated about the number of items which in turn makes your life easier.

Bedroom Checking

The bedroom is an important part of your house and it is imperative to clear the bedrooms completely during the house moving. Make sure you check all the closets, drawers, etc while clearing the bedroom. The mattresses need to be placed in specialized durable bags as with the help of these bags your mattresses remain safe and secure. Also don’t forget to remove the fixtures, family portraits and window adornments that are of great help in the new home after the move.

Checking the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. During a local or interstate furniture removal process it is easy to lose and forget the things. It is mandatory to dispose of all the leftover food items left in the kitchen as your kitchen can stink which in turn can damage some other items as well. Ensure that you clean out and defrost the refrigerator and also check all the drawers and shelves as these are the common places where you can forget the items like plates, bowls, vases, fragile crystal glasses, etc. By labelling neither you will forget nor will you get confused. Check behind the doors and under sinks also.

Checking the Bathroom

Mostly the homeowners forget the bathroom area. The bathroom includes towels, shaving creams, toilet papers, buckets, etc. Before leaving the bathroom it is imperative to dispose of the unwanted toiletries, to disconnect the shower which in turn proves to be beneficial in saving water, check for the tubes and medicines present in the bathroom and don’t forget to carry them.

Last but not least make sure that including the above mentioned important parts of the home and other miscellaneous parts of the house such as the garden, the attic, and the garage are checked thoroughly before moving.

Make sure you inform your phone operator about your move and get it disconnected. Packing for a move is a very hectic experience. When moving locally or interstate by following the above-mentioned advice you undoubtedly won’t forget even the minutest item in the house.

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